PVPA EVENTS happening in 2024

PVPA Spring Show schedule 2017


The VPA was formed in March 1946 in response to the food difficulties following the war. The association held monthly meetings which aimed to provide information and instruction on growing fruit, vegetables and other garden plants. There was also an associated poultry group. Plants and seeds were bought in bulk for members, so for instance 500 tomato plants were distributed in the first year.
The Paglesham VPA was one of many formed at that time, but is perhaps the only surviving association. Today it continues to thrive, having widened it’s interests to include many kinds of village activity, a focal point for social events and fundraising.

Annual Shows

The PVPA continues to hold two Produce Shows each year, in Spring and Summer. The Spring Show is held in the Mission Hall, the same venue for over 50 years. The Summer Show grew to become a full Country Show and is held on the Playing Field in East Hall Lane. The centre-piece continues to be the Produce Show, with over 150 adults and children’s classes. There are also many other attractions, such as country dancing, displays of classic engines and farm equipment, traditional sideshows and refreshments.


Each year the VPA organises about 10 events of different sorts, which might include children’s party, coach trips, wine tasting, Open Gardens, Strawberry Tea, pub suppers and the occasional fund-raising Ball.