Policy Assets List May 2021.

Policy Code of Conduct May 2021.

Policy Complaints-Procedure-May-2021

Policy Financial Regulations MAY 2021

Policy Freedom-of-Information MAY 2021.

Policy Risk Assessment MAY 2021A

Policy Standing Orders and Chairmanship MAY 2021.


Standing Orders and Chairmanship July 2020.

Risk Assessment July 2020.

GDPR A General Notice July 2020.

Freedom-of-Information July 2020.

Financial Regulations July 2020.

Code of Conduct July 2020.

Assets Register July 2020.


GDPR TOOLKIT August 2018.                                 Notice Meetings COVID-19 July 2020.

GDPR A General Notice July 2018.

GDPR B Data-Protection-Policy July 2018.

GDPR C Data-Security-Incident-Procedure July 2018.

GDPR D How-to-access-your-records July 2018.

GDPR E Request-Form July 2018.

GDPR F Retention-Policy July 2018.  

GDPR Guide All May 2018.

GDPR Public Privacy Notice May 2018.

GDPR Staff Privacy Notice May 2018.

Public Use of Media devises January 2015

Rochford District Council Social Media Policy – 04 09 2014